Abita Amber & Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Hello Drinkers,

For our first adventure, we’re taking a trip down to Louisiana; home of the Abita Brewing Company and the location of Werner Herzog’s 2009 Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Tonight, I was sipping on one of my favorite beers, an Abita Amber. I haven’t seen Bad Lieutenant before, nor have I sent the 1992 Harvey Heital incarnation, but if there’s one thing I took away from this evening, it’s that Nicholas Cage is still a badass.

Where the Abita Amber is mild, refreshing and smooth, Bad Lieutenant is a rocky (the crack variety) and uneven. While the film is ostensibly about the non-traditional methods to which Nicolas Cage’s character goes in order to catch a murderer (played by XZibit….yeah…), it comes off more as a vehicle by which Cage can show off his pent up rage and frustration with the string of awful movies he’s done recently. He calls an old lady a “selfish cunt” after he removes her oxygen supply. You get the idea.

When Nick Cage isn’t teaching old ladies a lesson, he’s snorting miscellaneous drugs, extorting kids and generally having a grand ol’ time in the Big Easy. Much to my delight (not that I didn’t delight in the unending insanity of Cage’s character), Abita Amber is actually a featured extra throughout the film. Cage’s step-mother (?) uses Abita Amber as a way around her alcoholism! Since this caramel-colored beer is fairly light, refreshing and smooth, it’s easy to see how she can knock back a few without any trouble. Who knew beer was such a healthy alternative to a serious addiction!

Atleast it's not vodka.

So what’s the moral of tonight’s little adventure down South? One: Nicolas Cage has still got it. Forget what the critics say, give Nick Cage a crazy character and he’ll knock that sh*t out of the park. Lesson number two? Drink more beer. It helps you ignore the larger problems.

I see you eyeing my beer Mr. Cage...

Tonight’s Tasting Notes:

Abita Amber:

Light caramel color.
Mild mouthfeel.
Brief but refreshing finish.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans:

Vehicle for Nicolas Cage does drugs and swears a lot.
XZibit (of “Pimp My Ride” fame) is a drug-dealer. Shocker.
Eva Mendes is a prostitute. Shocker.


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