New Belgium’s Somersault & Wet Hot American Summer

Hello Drinkers,

Tonight’s combo was originally going to be something a little…cloudy…but due to some availability problems I shelved the duo and replaced it with a line that I think you’ll enjoy (don’t worry, it’ll be happening soon). So instead I kicked it with some of New Belgium Brewing Company’s Somersault Ale (the makers of Fat Tire) and David Wain’s 2001 classic Wet Hot American Summer. Both are instant summer classics with a lot to offer to any palette.

Wet Hot American Summer, for those unfamiliar with it, follows the inexplicably long and wild last day at a 1980’s summer camp. Nearly every cast member is a well known comedian on the brink of their comedic career and every scene is packed with humor, some of it more subtle than others. While of course the movie is filled with the obligatory sex jokes and the occasional slice of earnest pie, the film relies mostly on its sheer absurdity. Though a number of more recent movies push the boundaries of absurdity with mixed results, Wet Hot American Summer achieves its comedy with such perceived ease and levity that you don’t mind going along for the ride. So when in the last 10 minutes of a film the camp is threatened by a rogue piece of space debris, you really don’t care. You just laugh. Also, the movie features an always perfect Paul Rudd and a hilariously homosexual Bradley Cooper (of The Hangover fame).

Summer camp was awesome.

For a movie about the glory days of summer camp, the counselors do drink a bit of beer. While I’m sure they’ve earned it (as a someone who’s worked at a “summer camp,” I sympathize), I’m fairly certain they weren’t drinking the good stuff like New Belgium’s Somersault. This summery ale is light, playful and very easy to drink for someone who is willing to try new things. Its got a light, golden color and you’ll definitely notice some citrus and fruit with your first sip. Now I know that some people can be a bit thrown off by beers that get described with fruity language (chuckles), but Somersault is still a beer’s beer at its core. It has a distinctive grainy flavor that is supported by those citrus-y flavors I mentioned. Definitely worth a bottle or two.

Simply put, Wet Hot American Summer and Somersault are two things you need to at least try once. Sure you might not be in to them, but you’ll be a better, wiser and more cultured person that can show off to your less awesome friends. Besides, you might even have a laugh or two while you do it.

Tonight’s Tasting Notes:

Light, golden color.
Distinctive and unique citrus flavor.
Perfect for a warm summer night.

Wet Hot American Summer:
Easy and enjoyable if you just go for it.
Huge, talented cast.
Bradley Cooper was gay before he was a douche.

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