Red Stripe & Cool Runnings

Hey there drinkers!

There were really only two logical options when it came time to pair a movie with the Jamaican lager Red Stripe: Cool Runnings or The Thin Red Line. Now I’m all for three hour long, dreamy meditations on war, but when it comes down to it, wouldn’t you rather see some Disney-shaped Jamaicans go bobsledding? I would. And so here we are, Red Stripe and bobsled in hand. Let’s get running.

For those who haven’t witnessed the absurd glory that is Cool Runnings, this true-story-inspired film chronicles the unlikely rise of the Jamaican bobsled team that competed at the 1988 Calgary Olympics. Now if we are to take the film at its word, the Jamaican bobsled team was greeted by the international community with overt criticism and subtle racism (lies!). Also what we will accept at face value are the clothing choices of every Jamaican in this movie. Not sure if it’s the island culture or the lens through which Disney sees the world, but everyone in Jamaica dresses in clashing neon clothes that make little sense regardless of the climate. But hey, it’s the 80’s. Anyway, no one watches this movie to take it seriously. It’s mostly just a fast means of getting a quick, inspirational boost and a lot of cheap laughs. To that end, this movie is incredibly quotable as most of the dialogue is just plain silly (“Kiss my egg!”). But really, when you take a step back from it all and you watch Cool Runnings for what it is, it’s fine. It says what it wants to says, it’s reasonably entertaining and tugs on all the right heart strings.

Disney shenanigans, Jamaican style.

So when we’re done competing for the gold medal, there’s really no better way to celebrate than with a nice, refreshing beer. And to do that, I think I’d generally pick something other than a Red Stripe, but you could also do a lot worse. In layman’s terms, Red Stripe is an average beer. When you compare it to its similarly priced light beers, its got a medium body and simple, clean flavor. This might not be much of an endorsement, but it tastes like an average beer. Nothing extraordinary or any specific flavorings that make it stand it but solid and doesn’t taste as awful as some other beers on the market. So for those who are on a budget but are sick of the general light beer parade you always see, Red Stripe isn’t a bad alternative. But, if you’re like me, you’ll drop the extra dollar or two.

So there you have it. An ordinary beer,  an extraordinary story and an altogether low-key, no-pressure evening. Sure neither of them are high art, but both are perfect for an evening of low expectations.

Tonight’s Tasting Notes:

Red Stripe: 
Average, generic beer flavor.
Medium-bodied when compared to its light brethern.
The country is more lively than its beer.

Cool Runnings:
Feel the rhythm.
Feel the rhyme.
Get on up, it’s bobsled time!

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