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Gabe is one of thousands of writers in Los Angeles. He is originally from the Boston area but, whether he likes it or not, LA has become his adoptive city. Between traffic and screenplay false-starts, Gabe works on a FOX drama in a laughably insignificant capacity. But at least he’s not a waiter.

While his interest in film can be easily traced to a childhood of watching Back to the Future Part II, he received his formal education at Occidental College with a BA in both Film & Media Studies and American Studies. And while he loves him some China Town, and kinda-sorta gets Stan Brakhage, he is not above taking his friends to screenings of The Room. Some of his favorite films include The 25th HourThe Good, the Bad & the Ugly and any James Bond movie he can get his hands on.

Unlike his film background, Gabe’s love of beer has no academic basis. Forged in the fires of curiosity and local beer-purveyors, Gabe is a self-educated beer enthusiast with no presumptions as to the extent of his knowledge of beer. His favorites, for the time being, include Magic Hat’s #9, Russian River’s Old Rasputin, Ballast Point’s Indra Kunindra and Eagle Rock Brewery’s Populist IPA. He has recently discovered his love of hops and regularly orders IPA’s that no one else wants to try. It’s a sad but proud existence.

And while he doesn’t always practice what he preaches, Gabe firmly believes in drinking local and supporting independent film. He also would like to remind you that drinking, and movie-watching, is always better with friends.

beer and a movie
watch what you drink

2 responses to “About the Author

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