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Young’s Double Chocolate Stout & Chocolate

Greetings, Drinkers!

You ever get those irresistible chocolate cravings? Well beer drinkers experience this too and tonight’s review is dedicated to those who require the occasional chocolate binge. As such, we’re drinking Young’s Luxury Double Chocolate Stout (hailing from England) and watching the 2008 film Chocolate (which is from Thailand). Tonight’s combo was actually suggested, and made possible by my good friend/roommate/occasional beer buddy David. He picked up this beer a few weeks ago on our latest beer run and suggested I try it out while watching “this crazy martial movie.” David was even gracious enough to watch the movie with me, albeit he drank a Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale and not the BAAM-approved stout. Regardless, this chocolate-lovers evening was quite interesting, so let’s get started.

For the none of you who have even heard of this movie, Chocolate has nothing to do with chocolate. Rather, it’s the story of the autistic love-child of a former Thai gangster and a member of the Japanese Yakuza. Zen, our autistic love-child protagonist, has the ability to absorb and apply any martial arts moves she sees in movies. Her only weakness? Flies. For no real reason. Joined by her joyfully pudgy friend, Moom, Zen sets out to settle her mother’s old mob debts in order to cover her mother’s cancer treatments. Crazy fights ensue. And for a girl with no actual martial arts experience or physical training, Zen totally kicks ass. Like Batman, she beats the crap out of everybody she meets without actually killing them. As she settles more scores, Zen peaks the interest of her mother’s old mob boss, a man with questionably long hair and a small army of trannys with guns. As such, Zen fights more people. She kicks more ass. Her mother dies tragically. Moom is shot and then disappears from the end of the film and Zen is whisked away to Japan by her previously aloof father. Between the fight scenes, the plot is told through montage (and in one short, animated dream sequence that was rather violent). The reason I’m telling you the whole plot is just to prove to you that this movie is not really worth seeing. Yes, the fight scenes are pretty sweet, but there are other great martial arts films that are more narratively cohesive and have logical titles. However, I would like to point out that all of the best fights in this film (both good and bad) are female. So that’s something, right? That and Zen fights a fellow mentally-challenged super kung fu expert. That was pretty awesome.

Were the swords necessary? I just wanted to know where you were hiding the chocolate!

Okay so maybe the movie wasn’t all that chocolatey, but was the beer? Actually, the brewers weren’t lying. This beer is very chocolatey. Pouring a deep, deep black (like pitch black) with a modest two-finger head, this stout’s chocolatey aroma immediately hits you. When you sip it, you get a smooth, chocolate malty flavor that is not too sweet or heavy. For a stout, it’s actually medium-bodied which makes it an easy, casual beer which you can enjoy without thinking too hard. While the beer is nothing extraordinary, it’s still a solid beer. If you’re a bit apprehensive about trying heavier beers, give the Double Chocolate a shot. Though it’s black color can be intimidating, the flavor is quite tame.

So there’s our chocolate-lover’s evening. A double chocolate stout and a Thai Chocolate. A triple chocolate night, if you will. Sure, the film made no sense and had an army of non-tranny tranny hooker fighters, but it was fun. And that’s what BAAM is all about. As my buddy David pointed out, this film is supposed to be mindless and fun. He’s right, too. I think he and I pretty much joked our way through the whole movie but we didn’t miss much. The action was pretty sweet and that’s really the only reason you’re watching the movie anyway. In a way, the beer is the same. It’s not too complex, but it’s fun and easily enjoyable.

And as I’ve mentioned in the past and demonstrated tonight, I am totally open to suggestions for beer and a movie combos. You don’t even need to give me the complete pairing. Got a cool beer you want to tell me about? Let me know and I’ll pair it with a random movie I find on Netflix. Just saw an awful movie on the SyFy Channel? Tell me about it and I’ll find an appropriately high ABV beer to watch with it.

Remember, both beer drinking and movie watching are social activities, so hit me using social media (see what I did there?). Find me on Facebook or on Twitter @beerandamovie1 to share your ideas for future BAAM combos.

And as always, keep drinking my friends.


Tonight’s Tasting Notes:
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout:  
-Pitch black color
-Strong chocolate malt aroma & flavor
-Modest, medium-body

-Strings of fight scenes pasted together with montage
-Apparently autistic kids can learn to kick ass from watching too much TV
-Chocolate? I’m confused.

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