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Coronado’s Idiot Imperial IPA & The Naked Gun

Hey there, Drinkers!

Passover is over and I’m back to drinking! …that makes it sound like I’m a relapsed alcoholic but whatever, here we are! Tonight we’re celebrating the idiot in all of us with Coronado Brewing’s Idiot Imperial IPA and The Naked Gun, one of the many films in which Leslie Nielsen plays an idiot. Fitting, right?

In 1988, The Naked Gun: Files from the Police Squad (a movie which I just learned apparently was apparently based off a 1982 TV show called Police Squad!) hit the scene. Like all great spoofs from the time, The Naked Gun pulls from multiple genres and (cop drama, noir, romance, spy, etc) relies heavily on sigh-gags and slapstick. Also it makes no sense whatsoever. Carried by the incomparable Leslie Nielsen, The Naked Gun is equally cringe-worthy and knee-slappable about every 15 seconds. The jokes are ceaseless and shameless. But unlike modern parody films, which suck monkey balls, The Naked Gun does not revel in its own absurdity. Rather it simply accepts itself at face value and moves forward. Though there are a few exceptions to this rule, the film largely is deadpan, leaving the laughter and incredulity to the audience. As dumb as every scene is, the film leaves the decision as to what is funny or not to the viewer. A decision which I appreciated and applied liberally.

Beaver jokes? Classic

Beaver jokes? Classic

And while the story makes no sense and most of the comedy is of the lewd n’ crude variety, the film still holds up as a decent comedy. Yes, a lot of references are dated (half of evil world leaders in the intro are now dead or deposed) but that’s a given. For me, The Naked Gun is more about letting go than it is about tuning in. Sure there are plenty of jokes you’ll miss your eyes aren’t completely fixed on the screen but that’s not the point of the movie. Really what you want is laugh at the penis jokes and feel uncomfortable when you see O.J. Simpson show up as Nielsen’s injured partner.

In short the movie is undeniably stupid. But that’s the point. And it does it well. So I have no real complaints. Not to mention it’s a nice little snapshot of late 80’s Los Angeles. Kinda interesting as a modern day resident.



So was our beer equally idiotic? Maybe a more accurate description for Coronado Brewing’s Idiot Imperial IPA would be “stupidly good.” This 8.5% beer pours a nice clear, golden color with a modest foamy head and minimal lacing. If you take a whiff of the beer before your first sip (which you should do before drinking any good beer), you’ll get that nice hoppy IPA aroma you’ve come to know and love. But with that first sip, your taste buds will be delightfully confused. You’re immediately hit with a strong, hoppy punch but without the usual bitter bite or dry mouthfeel. Rather, the beer is surprisingly smooth and the hoppiness turns to sweet citrus after a moment or two. A drinker with a more attuned palette might get notes of grapefruit and other tropical fruits, but I’m not that developed. But it’s no stretch to say that this is a deliciously complex beer better suited to a seasoned-IPA lover. Not to dissuade the casual drinker for this beer (go for it!), but I’d say this beer may be a bit much for those who are just casually passing by.

So I have to report that our idiotic pairing wasn’t as stupid as I thought. The Naked Gun has buried smarts amongst its dumb humor and the Idiot IPA is definitely not for the simple-minded. Both offer a surprisingly level of intelligence despite the common denominator of making grown men giggle like children. Oh the joys of booze.de_1655_lg

Tonight’s Tasting Notes:
Coronado Brewing’s Idiot IIPA:
-Clean, golden color
-Classic hoppy flavor without bitter bite
-Complex citrus & floral notes

The Naked Gun:
-Bizarre, shameless & hilarious
-O.J. Simpon……
-Several “holy crap, I recognize that actor!” moments
(including The Sopranos & Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure)

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