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Abita Andygator & Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid

Hello Drinkers,

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a great day today. And sometimes after a crappy day at work, all your want to do is get a little drunk and veg out in front of the TV. That’s why tonight’s Terrible Twosome is Abita’s Andygator (I reviewed Abita’s Amber a few weeks ago here) and the 2011 SyFy Original movie Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid. Now this might be stooping a bit low for Beer and a Movie, but just bear with me and keep on reading if you want to hear my half-drunken opinions on one of the campiest movies I’ve ever seen and one of my favorite beers.

Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid. Boy,¬†where to begin. Let’s start with the obvious, the name. Holy crap was is this movie about?! A Mega Python I vaguely understand but what is a Gatoroid? The answer is actually more stupid than you probably thought. I was hoping for a futuristic robo-alligator in the vein of Mecha Godzilla (the mechanical nemesis of our friend Gojira). Nope. It’s an alligator on steroids. Deal with it. What else is there? Oh okay there’s the two 80’s pop stars Tiffany (of “I Think We’re Alone Now” fame) and Debbie Gibson (of…other 80’s pop song fame…) in the leading roles as competing environmentalists. Debbie Gibson plays a crazy snake specialist who releases captive snakes into the Everglades. Those snakes somehow become Mega Pythons but let’s not worry about the details. Meanwhile, Tiffany plays a gun-toting park ranger who decides that creating a giant alligator is the only logical response to combating mega pythons. There are a lot of mean words traded and a couple of slaps, but ultimately they band together to fight off the growing horde of monsters. Spoiler: they both die in the one surprising moment of this movie. Well, that and the Appalachian Indian gator specialist Diego Chavez. He was also a bit of a surprise. Definitely not a Mexican…But hey, we didn’t watch this movie for the acting or the characters or the story or the…what did we watch this movie for? Oh, that’s right, the EPIC MONSTER FIGHTS! Another Spoiler: there are no actual monster fights!

Mega Python Vs. Cute Puppy

But the night couldn’t have been all that bad, could it? Actually, you’re right. Abita’s Andygator is one hell of a beer. It is only sold by the Mega Bottle which holds one pint six ounces of this tasty and deceptive beer (ten ounces more than a normal bottle). According to the label, the Andygator is a Helles Doppelbock which means that this beer is high in alcohol, light in color and rich in flavor. Even with a surprising 8% alcohol by volume, the beer is light, crisp and fruity without losing the hoppiness of a beer. Typically, beers of a higher alcohol content are darker, richer and very complex in their flavors. The Andygator, however, defies these expectations by providing a literally intoxicating beverage that is very easy and enjoyable to drink.

So if you see a bottle of Andygator in the store, don’t be intimidated by it’s size. It’s a delicious beer that gives you just a enough flavor to keep you happy and just enough alcohol to make any bad day seem a little better. Unless, however, that day has been spent fighting amphibious abominations in the Everglades. In that case, drop the beer, grab a gun and unload.

Tonight’s Tasting Notes:¬†

Deceptively high in alcohol.
Light, fruity flavor.
Beautiful, light golden color.

Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid:
80’s pop stars go gator wrastlin’.
Pythons and alligators are sworn enemies.
Pretty much everybody dies.
(but at least the Everglades get saved!)


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