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Samuel Adams Boston Lager & The Patriot

Hello Drinkers,

Tonight I’m brushing up on my American history by sipping on the classic Sam Adams Boston Lager and watching Roland Emmerich’s The Patriot. Now for those who don’t recall this hit film from 2000, it stars two of the most American actors from the past decade: Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. Taking a break from his usual science-fiction-meets-explosions milieu, director Roland Emmerich brings us back to the American Revolution which Mel Gibson is solely responsible for winning. Oh and Revolutionary America was totally down with racial equally. The more you know.

Historical accuracies aside, the movie is pure entertainment and nothing else. While there is plenty of human drama and tender father-son moments to tug on those heartstrings, what this movie really lives for is the extended, slow-motion action scenes. Ever want to watch Mel Gibson fight dudes with a hatchet for 10 minutes straight? Watch this movie. Not taken very seriously, this movie can be fun and might even spark a few patriotic feelings as characters spout off generic American-isms like “stay the course” and “a nation where all men are created equally under God.”  But on to more serious things.

Moments before he stabs a horse with the flag. America. Fuck yeah.

Sam Adams Boston Lager is probably one of the most popular and widely consumed “craft” beers in the United States. I’m basing that off of zero recorded data but that’s the sense I get. Boston Lager has got a rich amber color, a lovely head and has a hoppy, almost nutty flavor. It’s got a satisfying flavor without losing it’s smoothness and is very easy to drink. This is particularly beneficial when you’re watching a 165 minutes movie starring Mel Gibson. So if you ever find yourself feeling patriotic, grab a Boston Lager (or two), pop The Patriot into that Revolutionary-era VHS of yours and settle in for an easy night.

Tonight’s Tasting Notes:

Samuel Adams Boston Lager:
Rich, hoppy flavor.
Surprisingly smooth.
Easy to drink.

The Patriot:
Australians make great Americans.
Mel Gibson isn’t racist.
We used to be friends with the French.

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