The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Blue Moon

Good evening drinkers!

And yes you are reading the title correctly. I just finished watching the second installment of the wildly popular Twilight Saga movies, New Moon. Tonight was all about popularity which is why I paired this tween sensation with the equally sensational wheat beer Blue Moon. And while hopefully not many teenagers are drinking this tasty beer, it is still worthwhile to get everyone a little educated.

But let’s start with New Moon. Now I’m going to break tradition here and rather than laying my opinions on the table, I want just want to pose a few general questions that I still have after finishing this devastatingly slow two hour movie.

1) Why does no one wear a shirt in this movie? The Pacific Northwest is a chilly place and even tan wolf-boys could catch a cold.
2) Follow up question: How the hell is a 16 year old boy that jacked? Holy crap does Jacob have muscles.
3) What is the big deal with Bella? Why does everyone want a piece of that? She’s really not that interesting of a person. She mostly just looks tired or bored. She mopes around everywhere, doesn’t really speak like a normal person and is completely incapable of being happy without a (supernatural) man. Oh and she’s a massive cock tease to Jacob.
4) Why is the soundtrack so good for this movie? Seriously. Did I hear some Bon Iver in there? Well played, Twilight.
5) What actually happens in this movie? (Short answer? Nothing.)

Maybe if I stare into her eyes more intensely, she'll finally kiss me after 6 months of intimate bonding.

I’ll be blunt here: Thank God I was drinking a beer while watching this movie. I wish I had more Blue Moons to hold me over to be perfectly honest. The movie was that bad and Blue Moon is that good. Blue Moon is probably one of the easiest beers to drink and is a great introduction to wheat beer for those who are looking to experiment. It’s got a beautiful, cloudy golden color that gives way to a medium body with strong notes of orange peel. Very strong actually, but not in a bad way. Wheat beers are typically garnished with citrus, so it only seems fitting that Blue Moon beats you to the punch. Take a sip of this beer and you will enjoy it all the way down.

Blue Moon is probably one of the first beers I ever had and even though my tastes have grown since then, I will keep coming back to Blue Moon. It’s a classic, delicious beer that will keep me entertained even when the movie I’m watching wants to destroy my soul. But I guess I have that in common with Bella.

Tonight’s Tasting Notes:

Blue Moon: 
-Cloudy, golden color.
-Strong notes of orange peel.
-Satisfying medium body.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon:
-Shirts are for humans.
-Bella has a certain” je ne sais quoi.” Literally, I don’t know what is appealing about her.
-I’m rooting for Team Jacob.


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